International Judo Federation In Agreement With IBSA

IBSA has entered into a historic partnership with the International Judo Federation (IJF) to work together to promote judo for blind and partially sighted athletes worldwide.

Here is the news as reported in an IJF press release: On Monday September 29th, 2014, the IJF President, Mr. Marius Vizer, had the honor to welcome the President of IBSA, Mrs. Jannie Hammershoi, and the Executive Director of the organization, Mr. Neil Donovan, at the IJF Presidential office in Budapest. The purpose of this visit was the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between the IJF and IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation).

On the occasion of the first edition of the Judo Grand Prix in Budapest, last June, a MoU was already signed between the IJF and the Judo Blind Committee of the IBSA. But today’s agreement reinforces the cooperation between the two organizations at a upper level.

The aim of the collaboration is that the two organizations which have been working independently, maintaining their independence, will continue to work on the development of universal judo jointly coordinated.

To read more about the agreement and what it means please read the complete article here.