SA Schools Results. Well Done!

After some difficult games and being pushed to the max, our Judokas achieved excellent results.

We are all very proud of our players.

Here are the results from our club:

Ruan Jansen – Bronze (3rd place) Novice; Age 09Y _u/27kg

Delano Robbetze – Bronze (5th Place) Advance; age 10Y_u/ 46kg  (Delano have accidentally touch the leg and was Hansokomake and this place him in 5th position, if not for this he would have been placed 4th )

Corne Jansen was unlucky this year under  Advance age 12Y _ U/42kg.

Hein Booysen– Bronze (3rd Place)Advance; age12_u/ 55kg

Paul Minnaar – Silver (2nd)  Advance; GR 3 – (age 13/14Y) _U/55kg

Galaxy Acton– Gold (1st) Advance; GR 3 – (age 13/14Y) _U/63+ kg

Crystal Acton – Gold (1st) advance; Girls age 11Y u/52kg